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Latest News & Updates

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is responsible for determining who is eligible to access the NDIS. If you receive a letter from the NDIA saying you have not met the access requirements for the NDIS, here are some next steps for you to consider. 

  1. Review evidence and seek a second opinion

Sometimes, applications for the NDIS are rejected due to insufficient medical evidence and paperwork. In some cases, it might be that your paperwork is outdated or incorrectly completed. You can compare your submitted evidence with the NDIA’s published list of preferred medical evidence. This list is broken down into disability type, making it easier for you to focus on what you need.

You can request a meeting with Centacare to assist you with the application process and help to determine your next steps.

If you think you should be eligible under the NDIS, you are within your rights to formally request an NDIA review and submit new medical evidence and paperwork. You will need to make this application within three months of receiving notice of the NDIA’s decision. 

  1. Request an NDIA internal review

Decisions about access to the NDIS can be reviewed. You can submit an application for internal review of a decision. When asking for a review, you should explain why you think the decision is incorrect and submit any new medical evidence. Again, contact Centacare if you require assistance with this.

Once you submit your application for a review, the NDIA will contact you to advise that you have 28 days to provide further information and/or evidence of your disability. The treating health professional who provides the evidence of your disability should:

  • be the most appropriate person to provide evidence of your primary disability, and
  • have treated you for a significant period of time (e.g. at least six months). 
  1. Check if your current funding will continue

Unfortunately there will be cases where some people are genuinely not eligible to receive NDIS funding. That does not necessarily mean you will be left without support. A number of government disability services will continue, at least in the short term. This includes funding available under the Queensland Community Care program and various other community services programs. Check with Centacare or the funding provider to see if your current funding is continuing. 

  1. Call your Local Area Coordinator

Local Area Coordinators have partnered with the NDIS to support people as they transition to the scheme. This includes providing support to those who are deemed ineligible. If you live in the Fraser Coast or Burnett regions, contact APM on 1800 276 276. For all other South East Queensland regions, contact Carers Queensland on 1800 242 636.