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St Mary’s Kindergarten Beaudesert

St Mary’s Kindergarten opened in January 2013 and is part of St Mary’s Parish Beaudesert operating on the main school grounds of St Mary’s Primary School.    

We aim to provide care that will best meet the needs of the families and the social, intellectual, physical, emotional and other developmental needs of the children by:

  • providing care and recreation for children in a safe, fun, supervised environment
  • providing a variety of fun activities which meet the needs and interests of children
  • responding to the need of the families through the provision of flexible permanent or casual care.

Kindergarten Program Information

 St Mary’s Kindergarten has an approved Queensland Government Kindergarten Program for Kindergarten age eligible children over a five day fortnight, during the school terms.  

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline is the curriculum framework used to support the children as learners and to build on each child’s interests and abilities.

This document guides our everyday practice, and in conjunction with our philosophy, guides our interactions with children, families and colleagues.

















Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
8.30am - 2.45pm