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Latest News & Updates

Silver lining for aged care clients

Every cloud has a silver lining. For our aged care clients that usually enjoy group activities in our community centres, that silver lining is the opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time with their much-loved support workers.

Noel has dementia and usually enjoys group activities with his friends at Centacare’s community hub at Coorparoo. But with the temporary suspension of hub activities, Noel has relished the opportunity to work on his garden with the help of support worker Andrew.

Noel’s wife Heather wrote to Service Delivery Manager Alma at Coorparoo to say how much Noel was enjoying having Andrew visit them at their house. She said he was in tremendous spirits and loved having the opportunity to get to know Andrew better.

Val, Iris and John are all regulars at Centacare’s Aspley community hub. They are managing to stay active and engaged in their homes, with frequent visits from their support workers.

Service Delivery Manager Sandra said Val had formed a beautiful friendship with her support worker Amanda. “They go for walks, do puzzles, and pot plants together,” said Sandra. John also enjoys Amanda’s company. They play noodle tennis in the backyard and do puzzles together. Iris loves to get out and about as much as possible and enjoys spending time with support worker Gail, walking her dog and exercising at a nearby beach.”

Geoff’s wife Leticia was concerned that his balance and mobility would decline without his regular visits to Centacare’s Northgate hub. Support worker Tony is now picking Geoff up twice a week and taking him for walks in beautiful scenic areas.

Leticia said that without these planned walks, Geoff would need to stay at home by himself while she went to work. Quite often he would spend this time sleeping.

Service Delivery Manager Christine said that the walks kept Geoff mobile, mentally stimulated and were proving to be beneficial to his emotional wellbeing.

“It’s great for carers as well, because it gives them an opportunity to take a break, knowing we are there to keep their loved ones happy and safe,” said Christine.

With the temporary suspension of group outings and community-based activities, many of our centre-based clients are opting to have Centacare support them in their own homes. Flexibility provisions within the Commonwealth Home Support Program allows Centacare to re-direct funding from social support activities to in-home and other types of support services.

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