What Our People Are Saying About Us

What Our People Are Saying About Us

My dad was getting frail and lonely and just sat at home. I introduced him to your respite centre and now he looks forward to attending. He has started to live again – thank you Centacare.

I did my research online when I was selecting a child care provider. After visiting my local Centacare Child Care centre, I knew instantly that it was the place to send my child. It wasn’t just the building or facilities that impressed me, it was the staff. Straight away I could see the care and attention that they were giving to the children there.

Thank you Centacare for being there for me when I was in hospital, you provided that friendly smile and a listening ear when I needed it most.

The staff do a fantastic job they always come in bright and bubbly , if I am having a bad day their smiles make me feel a lot better.

We feel very privileged to have joined Centacare Northgate and for all the help we have received.

I really enjoy the staff coming they are lovely people and make such a difference in my life.

Thank you so much for the care, kindness and thoughtfulness you have provided our children. We feel as carers you go above and beyond our expectations and please know that every single one of you is greatly appreciated. With the greatest thanks.

If I didn’t have you, I would have nobody. The staff here at Centacare are excellent, they even read my letters to me as I can’t see.