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  • Everyday

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    Live life on your terms with support from Centacare. We have services to help you live well at home, including support with everyday routines, household chores and getting out for shopping and other appointments. We can also support you to work and learn.

    We can work with you to:

    • Manage your personal care needs, like showering and dressing
    • Keep your home clean and well-maintained
    • Get you where you need to go
    • Become more confident using public transport
    • Improve your life skills, like cooking and budgeting
    • Make and attend appointments

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  • Social & Community

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    Social & Community

    You can get more out of life with Centacare. Get involved in drama, technology or cooking classes, enjoy volunteering or one of our many social events. We host a range of activities that are fun, creative and ever changing. You’ll also get to know your community better, make new friends and spend time with people who share your interests.

    Our support workers help you to get the most out of every experience. These may include:

    • Music and drama
    • Woodworking
    • Social groups
    • Sailing and beach trips
    • Day trips to regional destinations
    • Themed dance parties

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  • Behaviour

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    With Centacare, you’ll benefit from our years of experience working alongside people with a disability and their carers to help manage inappropriate, challenging or unsafe behaviour. Our qualified team take the time to understand the triggers that affect behaviour, and together, we can develop positive, practical management and coping strategies.

    Some of the ways our support specialists can help include:

    • Helping everyone involved understand and identify individual triggers
    • Helping everyone involved understand and identify triggers
    • Strategies to prevent harm
    • Assessing and developing positive behaviour support plans
    • Providing behaviour support interventions and recommendations
    • Training, coaching and mentoring staff
    • Working with people to reduce harmful behaviour without the use of restrictive practices
    • Providing training and advice in regard to restrictive practices
    • Providing workshops for parents and carers

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  • Education, Learning
    & Skill Development

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    Education, Learning
    & Skill Development

    Develop the new skills you’re after with our flexible learning approach. We work with you to create a personal learning plan that reflects your interests, builds on your existing skills and helps you achieve your goals.

    Join us at Centacare and you can learn to:

    • Improve your communication and social skills
    • Handle your money and catch public transport
    • Improve your reading and writing
    • Use computers, tablets and phones
    • Play music, sing, dance and perform

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  • Supported
    Independent Living

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    Independent Living

    At Centacare, we respect your right to choose who you live with and where you live. We can help you get the right living arrangements in place. You may choose to live independently in your own home, or in one of our supported shared houses.

    Our homes are as individuals as each resident. Our qualified staff can be there just as much as you need them. In some households, we’re there just to help with day to day tasks, while in other cases, we are available 24-hours a day.
    Centacare will work with you to create a shared housing plan to suit your needs.

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  • Home Modifications
    & Maintenance

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    Home Modifications
    & Maintenance

    Live safely and independently at home.  We provide practical assistance to maintain or modify your home. Our team will perform a thorough assessment of your home and provide a list of options to help you remain safe, secure and independent.

    Our team can work with you to:

    • Organise trades people to perform minor home modifications, including repairs.

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  • Therapies

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    Improve your well-being with our specialist therapies. At Centacare, we’re passionate about delivering a holistic service that promotes independence and quality of life. We have qualified therapists on staff as well as access to a strong network of experienced allied health professionals. We offer services in your home or at one of our service locations.

    Some of our therapy services include:

    • Occupational therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Psychology
    • Social work
    • Speech pathology
    • Nutrition services
    • Podiatry

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  • Short Term

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    Short Term

    Short term accommodation and assistance – or respite – can deliver real benefits for both people with a disability and the people who support them. At Centacare, we offer a diverse range of quality short term accommodation options.

    Our friendly staff ensure everyone has a fun, positive experience in our  ‘home away from home’. Carers can rest assured that their family member is supported in a safe and supervised environment.

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  • Jason – Future looks bright as Jason develops new skills

    Before the NDIS, Jason was receiving limited funding and could only access a small amount of group support. Jason's Centacare support team were excited about the new opportunities and benefits the NDIS would bring, and encouraged Jason and his family to think big about his goals.

    Centacare helped Jason prepare for his NDIS planning session and, with his consent, attended his first meeting. Now, Jason has an NDIS plan with Centacare that includes individual support. For the first time, he has dedicated support to help him improve his personal care skills and explore work options.

    His parents are thrilled that after only a few months, Jason is now shaving on his own and feeling more energised about his future.

  • Mary – From difficult circumstances to a new outlook on life

    Two hours a week of personal support were simply not enough to enable Mary to live well.

    Mental health and physical problems were impacting her self-esteem and social interactions, as well as limiting her ability to shower and groom each day. With her home also in need of significant repair, Mary required a range of support to make a difference.

    With a newly approved NDIS plan, Mary’s Centacare support team has been able to help her with meal preparation, doing the shopping, going on regular social outings, and showering and grooming every day. Mary’s plan also included funding for some much-needed bathroom and home modifications, which Centacare arranged.

    Not surprisingly, Mary’s home life is now much easier and her support team has noticed a significant, positive change in her outlook on life.

  • George – Hope for independence with local support

    George’s world changed forever when he sustained an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). He went from working full-time in an IT job to moving in with his elderly mother, who became his full-time carer. George was mostly housebound, without any support services, until he spoke to Centacare.

    Seeing his immediate need, the Centacare team supported George to attend a local social group once a week. The chance to socialise with people his own age and visit different places had a big impact on George’s wellbeing.

    From there, the local Centacare team supported George and his mum through the NDIS application and planning process and he now has NDIS funding to continue attending the social group every week, plus additional assistance with grocery shopping and household chores. George also has approved funding for therapies, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy. With these therapies, George and his mother are more hopeful than ever that his life will continue to improve and he will regain his independence.

  • Bruce & Catherine – NDIS funding is changing lives

    In the early hours of 12 December 2004, Catherine and her family’s lives changed forever. A brain aneurysm left this very active, intelligent mum of 44 significantly impaired and requiring 24-hour care. After months in hospital, Catherine returned home to her family.

    Her husband, Bruce, gave up his job to be his wife’s full-time carer. He admits that the past 13 years have been tough, but with NDIS-funded support from Centacare things are now starting to go right.

What does the NDIS mean for me?

We understand that the changes taking place with the NDIS might seem daunting and confusing.
It can be difficult to adjust to a new system. Maybe you have questions about what it means for you
and the services you already receive. Or maybe this is a whole new opportunity for you to benefit
from support services for the very first time.

Either way, what you need to know is that the NDIS puts you at the centre of the
decision-making process. It lets you determine the services and activities that are right for you,
and how these are delivered.

If you have a disability, the NDIS is an exciting opportunity that gives you
greater choice and control, so you can live the life you choose.

Start your NDIS journey with Centacare

At Centacare, our passionate and experienced team can help you design and manage your NDIS plan, so you get the most out of the scheme.

As a Catholic, not-for-profit organisation, we exist to help people live their best lives, it’s our mission. With 60 years experience working in communities across South East Queensland, we have the breadth, expertise and local knowledge to help you create your best plan.

Centacare can support you through the entire NDIS application process, helping you understand your choices, so you know how to best use your funding. We’ll explore what you need, and what your hopes are for the future, to create a plan that helps you make it happen.

Don’t let the NDIS overwhelm you. Centacare is here to help you navigate every step of the way and connect you with the right services.

1300 236 822

How do I access NDIS benefits?

The NDIS is a government funded initiative that you’ll need to be
approved for via the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

  • Step 1

    Access request

    If the NDIA hasn’t contacted you yet, phone them to begin the registration process, and complete an Access Request Form.

  • Step 2


    Your NDIS application will be assessed based on the information you’ve provided.

  • Step 3


    Once you reach the NDIS eligibility criteria, you’ll be contacted to schedule your planning meeting.

  • Step 4

    Planning meeting

    An NDIA representative will meet with you to work through your NDIS plan.

  • Step 5

    Action plan

    Once your plan is finalised, Centacare will help you put it into action.

Your NDIS questions answered

Before your planning meeting, think about what you want to achieve and the support you need so that you get the most benefit from the session. Complete our useful NDIS Pre-Planning Booklet and take it along with you.

Find more answers on our FAQs page.

What people say about Centacare support

  • The people are nice and I like being taught how to use the bus.

    Graeme, 22
    Toowong – Brisbane
  • I really like the Friday night social collective—it’s fun going out at night with my friends.

    Sharon, 30
    Milton – Brisbane

Don’t let the NDIS overwhelm you. Centacare can help you navigate every step of the way and coordinate the right range of services to help you achieve your goals and live the life you choose.

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