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Hoarding and Squalor Help

Hoarding and Squalor Help

Hoarded rubbish impacts on individuals and communities, with those most affected often the least able to provide a suitable solution.

Squalor and hoarding is recognised by Centacare Brisbane as a complex set of conditions marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things and can be triggered by loss, poverty, psychiatric illnesses and physical disorders.

For the many Australians currently estimated to be living in severe domestic squalor, the problem is socially isolating, damaging to property and relationships and a potential fire risk to neighbouring properties.

We offer hoarding help by providing a ‘fee for service’ program and specialise in providing not only the cleaning, but a respectful and supportive process.

We aim to work collectively with the client and other community organisations with the common goal of improving quality of life and assisting people to achieve their own goals in regard to their homes.

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Centacare Specialist Cleaning Service (Brisbane area)
Phone: 07 3362 8700
Please email enquiries to: cscsadmin@bne.centacare.net.au

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