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FOCCUS Facilitator Training

FOCCUS Facilitator Training

FOCCUS Facilitator Training

The information provided below is for marriage educators, professionals, clergy and civil celebrants wishing to become a FOCCUS Facilitator.  If you are a couple wishing to choose the FOCCUS programme as a Pre-Marriage Education programme, please access this via the Pre-Marriage Education page. 

What is FOCCUS?

(Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study)

The aim of the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Education programme is to encourage the couple to discuss the many important aspects of marriage, in a safe and non-threatening environment. The FOCCUS inventory allows a couple to identify the strengths and limitations of their unique relationship. The process requires three to four one-hour sessions. During the first session each person completes the FOCCUS questionnaire. In subsequent sessions the couple explore their responses with the aid of a trained, registered FOCCUS facilitator.

FOCCUS is a valuable aid for all marriage celebrants, counsellors and marriage educators.

The program highlights a number of critical relationship areas around couples match, communication and problem solving skills and significant marriage issues such as religion, spirituality, children, finance and cohabitation.

The inventory provides:

  • A non-threatening set of 151 statements that each person responds to individually. The responses are matched so that the couple can see areas which require further discussion, as well as highlighting areas of strength in their relationship.
  • A respected tool for marriage preparation, undertaken by a couple with a trained facilitator.
  • Valuable information for couples about themselves and their partner which enables them to explore the potential of their relationship.

FOCCUS Facilitator Criteria:

  • Ability to relate to couples in a sensitive, caring, non-judgmental and appropriate manner. This may require the ability to put aside one’s own agenda.
  • Some background in adult education, social sciences, or relevant life experiences that have developed demonstrated competencies that would prove that person suitable to work with couples who are marrying or in relationship.
  • An ability to respect confidentially and an awareness of the confidentiality requirements of the FOCCUS programme and of the agency or Parish.
  • A willingness to undertake appropriate levels of training, supervision, in-service and professional development, as deemed necessary by the FOCCUS trainer. Additionally to take responsibility for the ongoing nature of learning and to ensure high levels of knowledge and skills are maintained.
  • The ability to work in a team environment, and to recognise the limits of expertise and to seek support and referral where and when necessary.
  • An understanding of the nature and dynamics of healthy, functional marital and family relationships, and the impact on society.
  • A commitment to respect the philosophy and guidelines in the use of the FOCCUS inventory as established by the authors of FOCCUS and outlined in the training process.
  • A genuine interest in and positive attitude towards the value and importance of strengthening marriage, relationships and family life through the provision of quality relationship education and enrichment. 

Training Fee:   

$350 (Catholic Organisation – No GST payable)

$385 (Other Organisation – Including GST)

Training Includes: FOCCUS Manual, morning and afternoon tea and lunch



Jennifer Mason

(07) 3251 5000


2021 Dates

Dates of operation for 2021 are:

Monday 29 March

Monday 14 June

Thursday 7 October


FOCCUS comes in many versions which makes it very versatile and user friendly. These include a Catholic, general (non-religious), Christian non-denominational and alternate versions (for couples with reading difficulties or English as a second language).

FOCCUS does not predict the future success of the relationship, nor is it a test that couples pass or fail. It is intended to be used as a tool to enable couples to become more aware of their relationship and their decision to marry. In our experience, the majority of couples who complete the FOCCUS programme find the process valuable and enjoyable.