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Hospital Pastoral & Spiritual Care - Overview

Hospital Pastoral & Spiritual Care - Overview

Centacare oversees Catholic hospital chaplaincy in public as well as two (2) private hospitals (i.e. St. Andrews and The Wesley) throughout the Archdiocese of Brisbane. There are over 70 professionally trained pastoral carers/chaplains minister available to meet the spiritual needs of patients, their families and staff across more than 10 hospitals.

Trained pastoral carers provide visits to patients in hospital to support them both pastorally and spiritually during their stay. A pastoral visit can be most helpful in times of illness and hospitalisation, and when facing a major health crisis. Pastoral carers offer patient centred care and support and take the time to listen deeply to the patient’s story.  Pastoral carers can arrange Holy Communion on request, and advise a patient or family member how to contact the priest on call at the particular hospital. Health care professionals recognise the valuable contribution of pastoral carers as part of the health care team in contributing to the holistic healing of patients and their families

Mental Health Pastoral Care

Pastoral care visits are also made to Mental Health Units in Brisbane hospitals upon request.

Mental Health Support

If you require information about Centacare’s broader range of mental health support services, including Anam Cara, simply call 1300 236 822 or click the button below.