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Latest News & Updates

Your NDIS plan review is an opportunity for you to check if your services and supports are helping you work towards, and achieve your goals.

It’s important to remember that there is no set timeframe for when your plan will be reviewed. An NDIS planner or your Local Area Coordinator may contact you up to three months before your plan is due to expire to arrange a time for the plan review.

If you are unable to find a suitable time to meet before your existing plan expires, your plan will automatically be extended for 28 days. You will not be left without funding.

It’s not necessary to pick new goals at your plan review, but you should be prepared to show how your supports and services are helping you make progress and achieve your goals. Before you attend your plan review meeting, ask your providers to give you any supporting evidence that shows the types of supports and funding you used in the plan period. Your provider should also be able to provide you with evidence to show how you have worked towards achieving your goals.

In the lead up to your plan review meeting, you might also want to think about:

  • what worked well in your plan and what didn’t work well
  • whether you achieved your goals or made progress towards achieving them
  • which goals you need to continue to work on, which goals you need to change and any new goals you would like recorded in the new plan
  • who can help you achieve your goals
  • whether you will need NDIS support in the future
  • whether any of your circumstances have changed
  • whether you would like to change how all or some of your plan funding is managed.

Some important things you could take to your plan review meeting include:

  • a copy of your NDIS Plan
  • copies of your Service Agreements (including quotes)
  • recommendations from providers or therapists (if you require additional funding)
  • information about how you have worked towards your goals
  • a person you trust and who knows you well
  • any reports from your support coordinator or plan manager.

As soon as you have had your plan review, it is important you tell your SDM so they can start preparing new paperwork for your supports.

If you have questions, please phone 1300 236 822 or contact your SDM.