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Men’s behaviour change program

Men’s behaviour change program

Behaviour change program

Operating out of the Gold Coast the behaviour change program is designed for men who use violence and/or abuse in their relationships. The program assists men to stop engaging in abuse and violence and to develop and maintain non-violent and respectful relationships.

.Topics covered by the program include:
  • understanding domestic violence and the use of power and control in relationships
  • understanding attitudes, thoughts and feelings
  • time-out strategies
  • understanding and respecting boundaries
  • understanding thoughts and emotions
  • the impact and consequences of abusive behaviour on families
  • developing constructive communication
  • understanding the cycle and processes of abuse/violence
  • being accountable for actions
  • maintaining the change process to establish and maintain respectful, caring and non-violent relationships.

You can contact the Men’s Behaviour Change Program on:

(07) 5527 7211
50 Fairway Drive
Clear Island Waters QLD 4226