Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

Some people with a disability can find it beneficial to share a home with others who might also need support. In doing so, they can also share their support hours and together expand and explore the prospects that might be possible. Centacare supports people living in a household or in the same unit complex.

We understand there is not a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to providing this support and so we work with you to select the right staff you need to live as independently as possible. We understand that even though you share a home, you also want to enjoy private, individual time.

The NDIS funds supported independent living services and uses some of the following terms to describe it:

  • assistance in shared living arrangements
  • supported independent living (SIL)
  • assistance with household tasks
  • short term accommodation and assistance
  • assistance in individual living arrangement for a person with complex needs.

For information about our current supported accommodation vacancies please call 1300 236 822.

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