Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services

All our Independent Living Services are funded through Department for Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

Centacare’s Independent Living Services supports individuals with a disability in a person centred framework. We achieve this through person-centred planning which includes a whole of life approach. Disability Support professionals are trained not only in person centred practices, but also the individual needs of each of our clients  Personal-centred planning is conducted with the person, their family/advocate and other key stakeholders. Individual support needs are reviewed on a regular basis with a personalised approach. Hours of support may vary, based on individual need and funding.

Independent Living Services are tailored to respond to a wide range of individual needs. Independent living support can provide:

  • community engagement and participation
  • personal care
  • management of domestic tasks
  • personal development and support to meet individual goals 
  • management of medical needs
  • communication development
  • vocational development
  • educational development
  • positive behaviour support
  • individual case management.

Accommodation support services are provided to adults over the age of 18 who have physical, intellectual, sensory, psychiatric and/or multiple disabilities.

Areas of support include engaging in wider community life, personal care, management of household tasks and accessing education, training and employment opportunities. Services are responsive to the needs of each person and are flexible as needs arise or change.