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Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support

Centacare offers qualified and accredited staff committed to providing individualised behaviour support services to children and adults with a disability. We work collaboratively with a focus on capacity-building to develop effective strategies that best support your needs.

Specialist Supports are responsible for:

  • the assessment and development of Positive Behaviour Support Plans
  • behaviour support interventions and recommendations
  • training, coaching and mentoring of staff
  • providing training and advice in regard to restrictive practices
  • undertaking complex case management
  • working with people to reduce harmful behaviour and eliminate the use of restrictive practices
  • providing workshops for parents and carers
  • skills development.

At Centacare, we are committed to the least restrictive practice and will work with you and your family to reduce the risk and need for restrictions. We also provide our clients with advice and support with all Restrictive Practice Authorisation registrations, submissions and reviews.

The NDIS funds Behaviour Support services and uses the following terms to describe it:

  • improved relationships
  • specialist behavioural intervention support
  • behaviour management plan, training in behaviour management strategies
  • therapeutic supports.

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