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Latest News & Updates

Latest News & Updates

Darryl, 68, lives on a property at Amamoor. He loves his farm, his truck and travelling around Australia with his mates. Darryl has some health issues but is determined not to let that stop him living life the way he chooses.

With a Home Care Package and support from Centacare, Darryl is able to continue living on his farm and doing the things he loves.

Centacare supports Darryl with allied health services, delivered meals, cleaning and hospital appointments. When Darryl needed two knee replacements, Centacare organised special knee braces for him.

For many years, Centacare helped Darryl look after his best friend – his 65kg bull mastiff, Harrold. Harrold recently passed away at the age of 14, well beyond his breed’s average life span of eight years.

Knowing how important a best friend is in life, Centacare helped Darryl look after Harrold, including taking him to his vet appointments in Gympie. Funding through a Home Care Package means Centacare can also provide dog walking services, feeding and trips to the groomers.

What will help you live well in your senior years? It might be a weekly fitness class, help with planning and preparing healthy meals or the opportunity to meet new people in your local area. Maybe you’d like someone to clean out your gutters or set you up on social media?

We have a fully qualified team of support workers, physiotherapists, drivers, tradespeople, nurses, dietitians and volunteers to provide you with the support and services you need. No matter what you need, we’ll create a customised plan that works perfectly for you. Talk to us today by phoning 1300 236 822.