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Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief

The Emergency Relief Program assists individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis and are having difficulty paying for essential items. Assistance will only be provided following an appointment and successful assessment. The program not only assists people experiencing a crisis but also develops strategies to help people assist themselves.

Items considered for emergency relief include:

  • food vouchers and/or parcels
  • private rental
  • utilities
  • advocacy to power companies on behalf of the client for renegotiation of their accounts
  • medical prescription
  • telephone (maximum $50/annum)
  • school expenses
  • other expenses will be considered on a case-by-case assessment

Items NOT covered by emergency relief include:

  • cable TV
  • internet
  • car registration
  • public/social housing

Note: Emergency Relief is not provided at all locations. There are local variations on what items are covered based on the service. Please contact your local service for more details.