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Long Day Care

Long Day Care

Our program

Play is the most important work of a child. It is through play that children develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing, become confident learners, effective communicators and learn to connect with and contribute to their world.

Our learning programs follow an established daily routine, which your child will find comforting and reassuring. Within this routine your child will enjoy a variety of stimulating activities, small group interactions, quiet time, free-play and independent exploration.

We draw on the creativity, imagination and insight of children to create quality, play-based learning experiences that are joyful, meaningful and aligned to their individual developmental needs. Our respectful and reciprocal relationships with children and our flexible, self-directed play settings provide opportunities for children to express their own ideas, actively engage in their own learning and celebrate their own uniqueness.

Through hands-on, practical and play-based experiences, our qualified educators ensure your child builds the essential foundations for literacy and numeracy to support their transition to school.


Our philosophy

  • As a Catholic organisation, we recognise the richness that diversity brings and welcome all families in our community.
  • We offer a close-knit and community centred environment that recognises your child’s individuality and provides a sense of belonging, placing them and your family at the heart of an extended, supportive parish, school and local community.
  • We respect your child and their right to the joys of childhood. We encourage them to explore, imagine and enquire every day.
  • Our staff will get to know your child and nurture them according to their individual strengths, abilities, talents and motivations.
  • We foster confidence. We ensure all children feel included and that their abilities and ideas are respected and valued.
  • Our families value our emphasis on encouraging their child to be inclusive, compassionate and kind to others; and respectful contributors to their community.


Our environment

In our safe, caring and supportive environment, your child will feel free to learn, grow and experience the joy and wonder of childhood. Because all children are different, and learn in different ways, we create play spaces that allow for possibilities and let your child’s imagination flourish.


Our kindergarten

Our long day care services all include an approved Queensland Government Kindergarten program run by a university qualified early childhood teacher. Following the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines our program provides intentional teaching activities and self-directed learning to help your child establish the foundations for literacy, numeracy and science.  Our educators will encourage your child to explore their surroundings and will build on their creative ideas and interests to create learning opportunities.


How we work with you

Strong family relationships

We recognise that families are a child’s first and most influential educators and work with you to ensure the best for your child.  Our staff welcome your insights as we seek to nurture your child’s strengths, abilities, talents and motivations and create a program that is right for them.

Part of a community

Centacare Child Care Services is part of the broader Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane working with Brisbane Catholic Education, Centacare and our 100 parishes.  This means your child and family will be immersed in a broader community and have access to a variety of support networks and services as part of the larger Centacare family.



We offer an affordable program and all of our centres are approved for the child care subsidy.

To find out more about fees visit your local centre’s page from the menu below.


Our centres