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Latest News & Updates

Latest News & Updates

Living well longer

Blessed with a good health system and a better understanding of human ageing, we are living longer than previous generations and entering our later years healthier than our parents did.

In a presentation at Toombul Bowls Club on 19 March, Centacare Brisbane North Operations Manager Kathleen Davies shared the top five things people need to consider in order to live active, fulfilled and independent lives in their later years.

Have a plan

Like anything worthwhile, ageing well can take a bit of work. Having a plan for your later years is crucial and it’s never too early to start thinking about it. Some of the key things to think about include where you will live, what your financial situation will look like, how you will support your own physical and mental health and what services are available to help you live well longer.

Have a purpose

It’s important we continue to find meaning in life as we age. Activities keep our minds working well and it’s never too late to learn something new. What makes you get up in the morning? Is it a love of photography? Playing cards with your neighbours? Pottering around in the garden? Perhaps there are opportunities for you to share your skills and experience in a community volunteering role? The possibilities are endless!

Stay active – physically and socially

Finding ways to stay active and socially connected is important for your physical and mental wellbeing. Try engaging in regular, moderate-intensity physical activities such as walking, swimming or golf. Get out and about in your community, participate in recreational activities and join social groups with people who share your interests.

Stay living at home

Research shows that 83% of people over 60 want to stay living in their own homes in their later years. This isn’t surprising. For most of us, our home is our sanctuary. It’s where we feel safe and comfortable. It might be where our kids grew up and where our memories lie. The good news is that studies also show Australians are more likely to live well longer if they stay at home. Some of the reported benefits include an increased sense of purpose, control, confidence and capability, stronger social connections and increased life expectancy.

Access services sooner!

Many people are unaware of the services that can help them live well longer. Research has found that in-home care and social support extends peoples’ ability to live happy, fulfilled lives (in their own home) for longer. Government funding is available for people who would benefit from help in the home and getting out into their community.

Maybe you would like help to mow the lawn? Clean your house? Change a light bulb? Or maybe you’d like the opportunity to connect with people in your community, enjoy day trips or even a dance class?

Centacare can help you understand what funding might be available to you and guide you through the application process. As a registered provider of services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home Care Packages, we provide all kinds of great services and can work in partnership with you to help design your best life and live well longer.

Please phone us on 1300 236 822 to find out how we can help you.

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Nothing motivates Glen like a challenge.

With this in mind, Centacare Service Delivery Manager Sharron McMillan recognised the opportunity for Glen to channel his newfound passion for ‘diamond art’ to help create three show-stopping pieces for a presentation to the Brisbane North Leadership Team.

The 60-year-old from Enoggera has recently transitioned to the NDIS and is a regular at Centacare’s activity centre at Enoggera and its cottage accommodation services, Araluen and Pechey Place.

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Stepping out of his comfort zone to achieve his goals is nothing new for Sam. Since he left school almost 10 years ago, the 29-year-old has been expanding his horizons in all sorts of ways.

As a long-term client of Centacare’s learning and development service at Wilston, Sam has forged a path to independence, engaging in new experiences and activities and extending himself with the support of a trusted team and the friends he has made.

He learned to cook as a way of expanding his tastes. “Trying new foods is a part of challenging myself,” said Sam. “I started to cook all kinds of things I’d never tried before, including fettuccine carbonara, satay skewers and fried rice.”

This year Sam completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and gained part-time employment as an Office Assistant at DDH Graham Limited, a financial services firm in Brisbane’s CBD. Sam has a range of general office duties at DDH and has been enthusiastically welcomed by the staff and admired for his dedication and enthusiasm.

It was a proud moment for Sam and his family when he stepped up on stage to receive the Harry Cusack Award at the 2018 Centacare HAND Awards. When Harry (one of HAND’s original clients) passed away, his wife created the award to celebrate people who step out of their comfort zone and try new things – people just like Sam. For more information about Centacare’s learning and development services,please contact your Service Delivery Manager or phone 1300 236 822.

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Help is available to support you through your NDIS journey. From understanding how the scheme could work for you and what information or evidence you might need to provide, to preparing for your planning meeting, or questioning decisions about eligibility or what’s included in your plan, Centacare can help you.

In each edition of NDIS News we help answer your questions about how the NDIS will affect you and the types of help available to you. If you have other questions about the NDIS, please phone 1300 236 822 or contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Here’s some of the questions we often hear…

Q. My NDIS funding package contains a core budget and a capacity building budget. Can I move funds between these two budgets?

Participants have the option to use funding flexibly within their core support budgets, but cannot reallocate this funding for other support purposes (for example capital or capacity building supports). Types of support included in a core budget include purchasing consumables, engaging in social activities, transport and assistance with self-care.

Q. I have just received my first NDIS plan and I have been charged an establishment fee. How does this get paid?

Providers can charge an establishment fee to set up your supports and assist you to implement your plan. Providers can charge $500 for a new participant (who is new to the NDIS and new to the provider) and $250 for an existing client who is commencing as a participant of the NDIS.

Your NDIS plan funds can be used to cover the costs. The establishment fee is claimable by the provider who assists the participant with the implementation of their NDIS Plan, delivers a minimum of 20 hours per month of personal care/community access support and has made an agreement with the participant to supply these services. Should a participant wish to change providers on commencing their first NDIS plan, $250 is available to the new provider. This is to assist the participant in changing providers.

Q. I am an existing Centacare client and have received my NDIS plan. What is the next step?

We will contact you to discuss the services available to you and the relevant terms and conditions of services. The transition can take a little while but, rest assured, your services will continue until such time as a new service agreement is finalised.

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It’s now been two years since the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) began a full roll-out across Australia. More than 26,000 Queenslanders now have an NDIS plan in place and more than 9,000 of these are new participants. In other words, many people who have not previously received support are now getting the assistance they need.

The Federal Government recently announced additions to the NDIS that will further improve access for people with disabilities. The Complex Support Needs Pathway will provide specialised support for participants who have many different challenges impacting on their lives such as mental health issues, incarceration or homelessness, and need a higher level of specialised supports in their plan.

Other NDIS improvements include specialised supports for people with psychosocial disabilities (such as schizophrenia, anxiety and mood disorders), face to face planning meetings with a suitably qualified and experienced planner, a new NDIS contact centre, a new-format NDIS plan and improvements to the MyPlace portal. The changes will be rolling out shortly.

If you have not yet accessed the NDIS there are three new participant booklets to help you understand and use your plan.

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Getting involved in Dementia Awareness Month can help improve the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers. This year’s theme highlights that the ‘small actions’ we take can make a big difference.   

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Artists from Centacare’s inclusive theatre company, Blue Roo have returned from their North Queensland tour, bringing home lasting memories and life-long friendships.

The 12-day tour took the group to Cairns and Ingham where they unleashed their creative spirit, collaborating with local disability services organisations through five full days of artistry workshops.

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If you live in the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast or Gympie region, your area will transition to the NDIS from 1 January 2019.

Centacare is excited about partnering with you to explore the possibilities that could be available to you under the NDIS. We are hosting free information sessions in the Moreton Bay area to help ensure you have all the information you need to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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Whether it’s for an overnight stay, a longer break or just for the day, Centacare clients are embracing our new and improved Aishling service at Eagleby, northwest of the Gold Coast.

Following a $2.6 million redevelopment, Centacare Aishling provides a new standard in short-stay accommodation that better responds to the hopes and aspirations of children and young people with disabilities. In a peaceful setting, surrounded by natural bushland, our clients enjoy a warm and enriching environment that gives them the support and flexibility they need to work toward their goals.

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The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is responsible for determining who is eligible to access the NDIS. If you receive a letter from the NDIA saying you have not met the access requirements for the NDIS, here are some next steps for you to consider. 

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