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Aged Care - Overview

Aged Care - Overview

“Enabling individuals to live meaningful lives within the communities of their choice”

Aged Care

Our services support and care for the following individuals and groups:

  • people over 65 years and their carers who live in their own homes
  • indigenous older people over the age of 50 years and their carers living in their own homes; and
  • war widows, widowers and veterans.

The aim of our aged care program is to promote care for older people to maintain quality of life and to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.  We provide a range of flexible services that maximise choice for the older person and their family. Some of these services include domestic help, personal care, transport, respite care, social support and activities and health support.

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68 Aged Care Overview

Ivy’s Story

I first came in contact with Centacare 15 years ago. I couldn’t get over how lovely they were to me. They came to the house to see my husband, who I was then looking after. 

They really helped me. And they still do. 

My husband died three years ago. Now I live alone. I’m almost blind now too, but that doesn’t stop me. I still manage to live in my own home, which I love, with visits from my carers who help me. Centacare really looks after me. 

I love that my Centacare friends come to me and I can go to them. I visit the centre about three times a week.

They have lots of activities there, but I most enjoy just talking with friends. And what friends they are! They are so kind that when we go on bus trips – knowing I don’t have much sight left – they describe to me the buildings that we pass and tell me about where we’re going.

They love doing it. And I love listening to them! 

And when I suffer emotional tremors – like mild bouts of depression – my carers are always there. I really depend on them. I couldn’t do without them. 

Everyone at Centacare is so good to me – so compassionate and kind. This means a lot to an old person like me, a real lot. 

Centacare is like a family. I can’t describe to you what a feeling it is to have a family to come to.