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Living well with Centacare

Living well with Centacare

A solution just for you

We want you to live your senior years on your terms, with the freedom to do what you love. We’ll strive to understand what’s important to you and help you make confident decisions about what will help you live your best life. You’ll be actively involved in designing your own care plan, with clear and achievable goals. If you like, we will include your family or friends in the process.

Live with purpose

We focus on all aspects of your wellbeing to ensure you lead a high quality, purposeful life. This means plenty of opportunities to build your capacity and confidence in the areas that matter to you most. We know your needs and preferences will change over time and we’ll adjust your plan to suit you.

Better health outcomes

We work with you, rather than taking over and doing it all for you. It’s about building on what you can do so you can stay strong, confident and independent. We focus on your strengths and abilities and offer our support and guidance where you need it. If there’s something you love doing, we’ll help you keep doing it. If there’s something you’re finding difficult, we’ll offer to do it with you. If you’ve been unwell, we’ll support you to get back on your feet.

Choice and flexibility

We understand that your needs are unique. As a large organisation with established local networks, you’ll enjoy choosing from a wide variety of services that meet your individual circumstances and preferences.

A team you can trust

At Centacare, we’ve been caring for Queenslanders for more than 60 years. We understand that you want to feel respected while you live happily at home, which is why we communicate openly and deliver our services with transparency and accountability. Our trusted team of professionals are fully screened and police-checked and have all the necessary experience, training and qualifications to work alongside you with confidence and compassion.