Latest News & Updates

Latest News & Updates

Centacare’s Aspley ladies knitting club, knitted Peter Selwood, Executive Director of Centacare a scarf for his CEO Vinnies Sleep Out.  Peter recently attended the service to say thanks to the ladies over a morning tea on a cold winter’s day.

“It was great to see such enthusiasm and skill on display by this small army of knitters.  Hearing their stories and what they do for the community is really an inspiration to all of us”, said Peter Selwood.

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Recently Centacare won two out of the three awards at the LASA (Leading Age Services Australia) conference that was held on the Gold Coast.

LASA Awards promote and recognise excellence in a range of areas that contribute to the quality of life of older Queenslanders, people with disabilities and/or their carers. The Awards also acknowledge efforts to increase public confidence and community involvement in age services, from individuals or organisations that deliver outstanding care and support to ageing Queenslanders. The awards aim to recognise winners for their dedication and commitment.

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Some might say that volunteers are priceless, and that is certainly true with our group of Moreton Bay Transport Program volunteers. The volunteers completely manage and organise the social bus trips for clients and these outings have gone from success to success since a new 22 seater bus was introduced.

The trips are voted on by the clients and previous trips include to the beach and the countryside, locations that the clients can’t normally access. 

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Getting older comes with its own challenges. There may be things that we used to be able to do around the home that we now find harder to manage. For many this can cause worry and frustration. When this situation arises it’s comforting to know that along with family and friends there is the option of support through a home care package. Our home care package can help with personal care and support as well as assistance around the home when things
get a little bit tougher.

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Anyone who has ever met Nick Darby instantly finds his enthusiasm and his ability to learn infectious. 

Nick has been a disability client of Centacare for over 10 years. Our Centacare Salire, based in Goodna, has implemented a program that aims to provide Nick the best quality of life by supporting his everyday needs and developing an ever-growing independence at home and within the local community. Nick is like any other 26 year old, who enjoys arts, crafts, dance, music and sport. He is also enthusiastic about his indigenous heritage and enjoys learning and displaying his cultural background.

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Murray and Florence Creyton have many a story to tell about years gone past and Murray’s love of playing sport.

The Creyton’s had been living their retirement dream in good health until one day back in January their world was turned upside down, when Florence went on her normal
Friday visit to the local shopping centre.

Florence unfortunately took a tumble at the shops and was rushed to hospital, with husband Murray following the ambulance in a police car. Whilst at hospital a social worker mentioned Centacare and how we could help Florence. Within 2 hours of receiving the phone call from the social worker, Centacare Aspley was there at the Creyton’s household providing help for the family. Over the next four weeks we provided a twice daily service 7 days a week assisting Murray.“Centacare put a survival package together for me!”, said Murray. His survival package included breakfast, personal care and cooking whilst his wife was in hospital.

“We felt scared at this time and I never thought it would happen to us”, said the Creyton’s. Murray went on to say “I would tell anyone that Centacare is the ‘ants pants’, they’ve helped us so much.”

Centacare was also there to provide transport for Florence to bring her home when she was discharged from hospital and helped her to unpack when she got back.

Our support to the Creyton’s continued providing personal care and checking on Florence daily. Centacare staff member Leah Randle then recognised that long term assistance was also required for Murray.

“I identified a package of care that would help him, I realised there was a need for daily care, morning and night. I really wanted to help the Creyton’s in their time of need. We even arranged to have his hair cut. What a great feeling to be able to assist the Creyton’s in an emergency and to be able to offer continuity of care to them. We certainly have provided help and created hope for this family”, said a smiling Leah.

Murray and Florence Creyton have many a story to tell about years gone past and Murray’s love of playing sport.

Centacare Community Services provides a wide range of services that provide support and care for older people, with the aim to help people stay independent in their own homes. For more information please contact 1300 CENTACARE  (1300 236 822).

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As part of Australian Government changes to the aged care industry, from 1 July 2015 all new and existing Home Care Package clients will come under a different approach to home care, known as Consumer Directed Care.

 Consumer Directed Care recognises that we are all individuals with individual needs and so gives clients the flexibility to choose how much involvement they would like in managing their package. To help achieve this, each client is allocated a budget that is held by the home care service provider.

 We have been busy behind the scenes preparing for the changes, to make sure that our clients can take full advantage of the benefits that Consumer Directed Care provides. This includes making sure we have the resources to support the changes, updating our systems and preparing our team of dedicated staff through training programs and workshops.

At the same time we have established formal partnerships with like-minded organisations to ensure that we can offer greater choice for clients.


What we are doing now?

 Our Case Managers and Coordinators are currently in the process of contacting existing Centacare Home Care Package clients to arrange a time to meet and discuss the changes as well as help to organise a home care package that meets their specific needs.

 All new Home Care Package clients will be automatically able to take advantage of Consumer Directed Care.


Why Centacare?

 We’re passionate about providing a high standard of quality care and support. To achieve this our Home Care Packages offer:


  • High quality care through fully qualified and screened support staff.
  • Freedom of choice with an extensive range of services and activities tailored to meet your individual needs.
  • Flexibility of a home care service that:
    • is available seven days a week
    • is based locally
    • can respond to requests for changes in service times at short notice.
  • Peace of mind in knowing that:
    • after hours support is available
    • a pool of experienced workers means that we will be able to support your needs.
  • Access to a range of additional Centacare services including:
    • home safety assessments
    • yard maintenance
    • heavy duty house cleans
    • family and relationship services
    • grief and carer support
    • overnight Cottage respite
    • dementia specific services
    • the Award winning ‘Share the Care’ program that provides support to carers.

Contact Us

Call us on 1300 CENTACARE (1300 236 822) or speak to your Case Manager / Coordinator.



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You are invited to participate in a series of professional training opportunities presented by hoarding expert, author & researcher Dr Christiana Bratiotis.

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